As early as December 2009 Zipipop started planning a blog based on the Hub Generation themes, however, things really got going when we started discussing with like-minded organizations such as Avoin Yritys, Reality Creating Media, and Hub Helsinki. At this point we collectively decided to create a community blog.  And it was not long before we were able to start getting some interest from as far a field as the US, Sweden and Kenya.

Since the topics are very closely aligned with the fast growing work Zipipop is doing in regards to social media-based collaboration, open management coaching, and new cloud-based working practices, Zipipop decided to bite the bullet and support this new community by developing the social media spaces, blog site, and allocated some time for Richard von Kaufmann to be the initial Community Manager. Zipipop is now looking for sponsorship so that Richard can have more time to developing the community offerings, broaden the reach of the project, and organize at least one event per year (with some international guest speakers).

This is not your average blog because it uses an innovative approach to help generate and refine content creation.  Most of the content will be summaries of discussions that take place in the Hub Generation Linkedin group. In this way you get the benefits of different areas of expertise and view points without the need to wade through long discussions; however, in the name of transparency we have just taken advantage of Linkedin's new capability to make the group publicly visible – so that if you wish to get a deeper insight you will be free to read the complete discussions.

The English language blog will have a Nordic focus but with guests from all over the world. And to underpin the philosophical and theoretical thinking we will endeavor to also include practical examples of social web services, management innovations, and civil initiatives that are already making a difference.